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LeShan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛, Mount Emei 峨眉山 Scenic Area

The LeShan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛 is located in SiChuan province and is a 233 foot tall stone statue constructed during the Tang Dynasty.

Emei Shan (3,100 meters / 10,200 feet) is one of the four Chinese Buddhist sacred mountains.

Emei Shan is UNESCO World Heritage Site (together with the Leshan Giant Buddha) : " area of exceptional cultural significance as it is the place where Buddhism first became established on Chinese territory... The first Buddhist temple in China was built on the summit of Mount Emei in the 1st century CE."

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Documentaries ...

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China 中国 trip – fun-loving pandas in ChengDu, LeShan Giant Buddha, ChongQing and Mount Emei

Plus the Paradise Island Water Park in ChengDu, the Arkansas Jazz Band in ChengDu, and a lot more ...

We end with a clip from 'ChongQing from the Air', starting with the city at night, and followed by the awesome natural scenery in the surrounding area, including the beautiful peaks and valleys of the Three Gorges area ...

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ChengDu Pandas, LeShan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei

[video v=OBPTJAWjLkM]

Paradise Island Water Park, ChengDu

[video v=lJaHfhwOELE]

Arkansas Jazz Band, ChengDu, plus local dancers

[video v=22h44AHDgG4 start=20 stop=112]

Two scenes from ChengDu

[video v=T868ySoAOCY][video v=L13aeLgnjdY]

ChongQing from the air

[video v=rGiLgY57JQ0 start=1075]

A trip to GuangXi 广西 and SiChuan 四川 provinces

Two films by ryzdon - LongSheng (Dragon's Backbone) Rice Terraces, GuangXi province, and LeShan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei Scenic Area, SiChuan province ...

[video v=7WUhZiMkO2c]
[video v=XCfc9eWqGVI]

Mount EMei 峨眉山 scenic area, including the LeShan giant Buddha 乐山大佛

A UNESCO World Heritage site.

The first Buddhist temple in China was built here in SiChuan province during the 1st century A.D. in the beautiful surroundings of the Mount Emei and in view of its peak. Over the centuries, the addition of other temples turned the area into one of Buddhism's holiest. The most remarkable - the Giant Buddha at LeShan - was carved out of a hillside in the 8th century and looks down on the confluence of three rivers. At 71 meters in height, it is the largest Buddha in the world.

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