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Backpacking trip through central China

Xi’An :
• City Wall
• Terracotta Army

ZhangYe :
• MaTi Si
• Rainbow Mountains
• DanXia Grand Canyon

DunHuang :
• Gobi Desert

[video v=38cgiqRJeus]

Things to see and do in YangShuo 阳朔 and GuiLin 桂林

Join Samuel and Audrey on their backpacking tour of this beautiful part of GuangXi province, south China.

Includes YuLong River rafting and nearby rice terraces ...

[video v=vdiWZHVmVAQ start=0:01]

Backpacking China trip

3 months, USD $ 2,500 budget and 'no plans'; but lots of places visited ...

[video v=OyRDTzKwGmI]

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