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ShenZhen 深圳 city tour
GuangDong province.
A month in China : Modern City Life : tour suggestion from BeiJingBuzzz
Modern City Life Tour of China Week 1-2: Shanghai and Surroundings Explore the modern skyline of Shanghai, including the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Shanghai Tower. Visit modern art galleries like the Power Station of Art and M50 Creative Park. Experience Shanghai's vibrant nightlife and dining scene. Day trip to Suzhou to explore its classical gardens and water towns. Visit Hangzhou to see the West Lake and experience tea culture. Week 3: Beijing Explore Beijing's modern architecture, such as the CCTV Headquarters and National Stadium (Bird's Nest). Visit contemporary art districts like 798 Art Zone. Explore modern shopping streets like Wangfujing and Sanlitun. Experience Beijing's nightlife and entertainment scene. Week 4: Hong Kong and Macau Experience the bustling streets of Hong Kong and enjoy its modern attractions like Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Disneyland. Explore the modern skyscrapers and entertainment complexes of Macau, including casinos and luxury resorts. Relax on the beaches of Lantau Island or explore the hiking trails of the New Territories.
Exquisite lodges in the most beautiful locations on the Tibetan plateau
Experience the rich culture and breathtaking scenery ...
LongTan Park 龙潭公园, BeiJing 北京
Longtan Park is located about 1.5 km east of the Temple of Heaven. Next to the west side of Longtan Park is the Beijing Amusement Park that features a ferris wheel and other rides. LongTan ('Dragon Pond') Park features the large Dragon Lake, with 'moon bridges', weeping willows, rock gardens, dragon boats, tea houses and restaurant, winding jogging track, exercise areas and play areas for children. There is also a beautifully curving pavilion with a dragon roof and pillars decorated with golden spiralled dragons. Indeed, the dragon motif is featured in many places throughout Longtan Park. This is a prime site for the Lantern Festival in Beijing when the whole park is illuminated with large colorful lanterns.
WangXian valley night walk, JiangXi province
The WangXian Valley scenic area in ShangRao, JiangXi, is home to gorges, peaks, giant rocks, waterfalls, and a variety of Buddhist temples. With Walk East ...
MuTianYu and SiMaTai Great Wall from above
Two sections of the Great Wall of China north of BeiJing ... Plus - why not run the Great Wall Marathon 2018 on May 1st ...
YiWu 义乌, ZheJiang province – the world’s largest wholesale market
Two months in China’s south west 中国
Highlights of an eight week trip though Tibet, YunNan, SiChuan, GanSu and QingHai provinces (2007).
Hiking the Great Wall 长城 near BeiJing
A hike along many sections of the Great Wall of China near BeiJing.

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