Videos about expats, China

HangZhou 杭州 through the lives of 18 expats from around the world

A CCTV Travelogue special ...

ZheJiang province, east China.

[video v=0We-l8e8A4I] [video v=iNOBmZ7crsk] [video v=71wByWWEYqY]

My life in China 中国

Creative, talented and visionary expats in China.

A special documentary series with CCTV English.

Inspiring stories of overseas people making their life in China ...

* Preserving the Chinese language

[video v=xfZopYMNYr8]

* 'Gemini' - French / Chinese pop couple

[video v=G3b78C80Pzo]

* Innovative t-shirt designer

[video v=gEkm6LshcOM]

* Cross-cultural architect

[video v=AThiYsmjbX4]

* Martial arts and calligraphy

[video v=c5znnN9Q4vw]

* Wind power engineer

[video v=J7BscFq1kYQ]

* TianJin city guide magazine publisher and the 'Beijing Beatles'

[video v=tl_d3RrCYtE]

* Engineering manager

[video v=gV2542J5rFM]

* The 'Sound Guy'

[video v=ZN08w7QT4u4]

* Restaurant management

[video v=EwNqegXxFVE]

* Creative art installations

[video v=Fr8K6bbIJDg]

* Children's photographer

[video v=85cPdJNko3w]

* English teacher

[video v=WSsE-QSINxk]

* International chef

[video v=6ogrrCoox6I]

* 'Tribal Fusion' dance

[video v=5P_kdjHV5NE]


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