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ShangHai 上海 scenes, day and night
Beautifully filmed by Niezwykly Swiat ... Let's also sneak in a little night time dance action ...
Nightlife in LiJiang 丽江, YunNan province
XiNing 西宁, provincial capital of QingHai province – aerial view
XiNing is the largest city on the Tibetan Plateau, west China. XiNing was a commercial hub along the Northern Silk Road for over 2000 years, and a stronghold of the Han, Sui, Tang and Song dynasties' resistance against nomadic attacks from the west.
YuYuan 豫园 bazaar, ShangHai 上海 at night
ShangHai City Guide
Welcome to Shanghai! Explore the dynamic city of Shanghai, where the past and present seamlessly blend together. From historic landmarks to modern skyscrapers, Shanghai offers an exciting mix of culture, cuisine, and experiences. About Shanghai Shanghai, China's largest city, is a global financial hub known for its futuristic skyline along the Huangpu River. The city is a melting pot of cultures and boasts a rich history influenced by its colonial past. Key features of Shanghai include its iconic Bund waterfront, traditional gardens, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary scene. Top Attractions The Bund: Walk along the historic waterfront to admire colonial-era architecture and panoramic views of Pudong. Yu Garden (Yuyuan Garden): Explore a classical Chinese garden with pavilions, ponds, and rockeries. Shanghai Tower: Ascend to the top of this skyscraper for breathtaking views of the city skyline. Oriental Pearl Tower: Visit the iconic TV tower with observation decks and a glass-bottomed walkway. Jing'an Temple: Experience the tranquility of this Buddhist temple in the heart of the city. Tianzifang: Wander through narrow alleyways filled with boutique shops, cafes, and art galleries. Shanghai Museum: Discover ancient Chinese art and artifacts in this world-class museum. French Concession: Stroll through tree-lined streets and explore trendy shops, bars, and restaurants. Shanghai Disneyland: Enjoy a magical day at the renowned Disney theme park. Culture and History Shanghai's culture reflects a blend of traditional Chinese heritage and international influences. Shikumen Architecture: Discover unique stone-gate houses in historic neighborhoods like Xintiandi. Traditional Arts: Attend a Shanghai opera or acrobatics show to witness local performing arts. Colonial Heritage: Learn about Shanghai's past through visits to former French and British concessions. Tea Culture: Participate in a tea ceremony to experience Chinese tea traditions. Dining in Shanghai Shanghai offers a diverse culinary landscape, from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants. Xiaolongbao: Try Shanghai's famous soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung or Jia Jia Tang Bao. Hairy Crab: Indulge in seasonal delicacies like Shanghai hairy crab (da zha xie). Shanghai Noodles: Taste savory noodles topped with braised pork or seafood. Street Food: Explore local markets for snacks like scallion pancakes, pot stickers, and stinky tofu. High-End Dining: Experience fine dining at upscale restaurants showcasing modern Chinese cuisine. Shopping in Shanghai From luxury boutiques to bustling markets, Shanghai is a shopper's paradise. Nanjing Road: Shop along China's premier shopping street for international brands and department stores. Tianzifang and Xintiandi: Browse through boutiques and designer shops in these trendy neighborhoods. Old Street (Nanshi): Explore antique markets and traditional handicraft shops near Yu Garden. IAPM Mall: Visit a modern shopping complex with luxury retailers and gourmet dining options. Fake Market (AP Plaza): Haggle for souvenirs, electronics, and clothing at this bustling market. Getting Around Shanghai Shanghai has a convenient public transportation system that includes metro, buses, taxis, and ridesharing services. Shanghai Metro: Navigate the city using the extensive subway network connecting major attractions and districts. Public Buses: Use bus routes to reach specific destinations; consider using mobile apps for route planning. Taxis and Ridesharing: Hail taxis or use apps like Didi for convenient transportation around the city. Bicycles: Rent bikes from bike-sharing stations to explore parks and scenic areas. Where to Stay in Shanghai Choose from a range of accommodations in Shanghai, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Luxury Hotels: Experience world-class hospitality at luxury hotels along the Bund or in Lujiazui. Boutique Hotels: Stay in stylish boutique hotels offering personalized services and unique designs. Hostels and Guesthouses: Budget-friendly options with shared facilities, ideal for backpackers and solo travelers. Apartments and Rentals: Rent serviced apartments or vacation homes for a comfortable and homely stay. Practical Tips for Visitors Best Time to Visit: Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) offer pleasant weather. Language: Learn basic Mandarin phrases; use translation apps for communication. Currency: Use Chinese Yuan (CNY); major credit cards accepted in tourist areas. Etiquette: Respect local customs and manners; avoid public displays of affection. Safety: Be vigilant of pickpockets in crowded areas; carry copies of important documents. Internet Access: Purchase a local SIM card for mobile data; free Wi-Fi available in many cafes and public places. Enjoy Your Trip to Shanghai! Get ready to immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of Shanghai. Whether you're fascinated by history, captivated by the skyline, or indulging in delicious cuisine, Shanghai promises an unforgettable travel experience.
Repressing your authenticity leads to illness
With Gabor Mate ...
Day trips from ShenZhen
Day Trips from Shenzhen, China Guangzhou 广州 (Guǎngzhōu): Explore the vibrant capital of Guangdong Province, known for its rich history, delicious Cantonese cuisine, and modern skyscrapers. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Canton Tower, stroll along the historic Shamian Island, and sample local delicacies at the bustling Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. Hong Kong 香港 (Xiānggǎng): Experience the dynamic cityscape of Hong Kong, just a short train ride away from Shenzhen. Explore attractions like Victoria Harbour, ride the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak for stunning city views, and indulge in shopping and dining in areas like Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui. Macau 澳门 (Àomén): Discover the unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture in Macau, known for its historic colonial architecture, vibrant casinos, and delicious egg tarts. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Ruins of St. Paul's, explore the historic streets of Senado Square, and try your luck at the famous casinos along the Cotai Strip. Dameisha Beach and Xiaomeisha Beach 大梅沙海滨公园 (Dàméishā Hǎibīn Gōngyuán) and 小梅沙海滨公园 (Xiǎoméishā Hǎibīn Gōngyuán): Relax and unwind at Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches, popular seaside destinations located just outside of Shenzhen. Enjoy sunbathing on the golden sands, swimming in the clear waters of the South China Sea, and participating in water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing. Window of the World 世界之窗 (Shìjiè zhī Chuāng): Immerse yourself in a world of wonders at Window of the World, an amusement park in Shenzhen that features miniature replicas of famous landmarks from around the globe. Explore iconic sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China, all within a single day. Shenzhen Safari Park 深圳野生动物园 (Shēnzhèn Yěshēng Dòngwùyuán): Get up close and personal with wildlife from around the world at Shenzhen Safari Park. Explore the park's vast grounds by tram or on foot, and encounter animals such as giant pandas, giraffes, and lions in naturalistic habitats. Fairy Lake Botanical Garden 仙湖植物园 (Xiānhú Zhíwùyuán): Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature at Fairy Lake Botanical Garden. Explore lush gardens, serene lakes, and scenic hiking trails, and discover a diverse collection of plant species from China and around the world. Shekou Sea World 蛇口海上世界 (Shékǒu Hǎishàng Shìjiè): Spend a day exploring the attractions of Shekou Sea World, a waterfront entertainment complex in Shenzhen. Visit the Sea World Culture and Arts Center, enjoy shopping and dining at the Sea World Plaza, and discover marine life at the Sea World Aquarium. Shenzhen Museum 深圳博物馆 (Shēnzhèn Bówùguǎn): Dive into the history and culture of Shenzhen at the Shenzhen Museum. Explore fascinating exhibits on the city's evolution from a fishing village to a modern metropolis, learn about the region's archaeological treasures, and discover the cultural heritage of the local Hakka ethnic minority. Da Fen Oil Painting Village 大芬油画村 (Dà Fēn Yóuhuà Cūn): Discover the vibrant arts scene of Shenzhen at Da Fen Oil Painting Village, a community known for its talented artists and galleries. Watch artists at work in their studios, browse a wide range of original paintings and artworks, and purchase unique souvenirs to take home. Day Trip to Dongguan 东莞 (Dōngguǎn): Explore the nearby city of Dongguan, known for its manufacturing industry, cultural heritage, and natural attractions. Visit landmarks such as the Keyuan Garden, learn about traditional Cantonese opera at the Qifeng Park Opera Stage, and enjoy shopping at the bustling Dongguan Walking Street. Day Trip to Huizhou 惠州 (Huìzhōu): Discover the historic city of Huizhou, located along the Pearl River Delta and known for its ancient landmarks, scenic landscapes, and cultural heritage. Visit attractions such as the Luofu Mountain, explore ancient villages like Xingfu Village, and relax on the sandy shores of Xunliao Bay. Day Trip to Dongguan 东莞 (Dōngguǎn): Explore the nearby city of Dongguan, known for its manufacturing industry, cultural heritage, and natural attractions. Visit landmarks such as the Keyuan Garden, learn about traditional Cantonese opera at the Qifeng Park Opera Stage, and enjoy shopping at the bustling Dongguan Walking Street. Day Trip to Foshan 佛山 (Fóshān): Visit the historic city of Foshan, known for its centuries-old martial arts traditions, ancient temples, and traditional Cantonese culture. Explore attractions such as the Foshan Ancestral Temple, watch a demonstration of traditional lion dancing at the Foshan Lion Dance Museum, and visit the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln for a glimpse into the region's ceramic heritage. Day Trip to Zhuhai 珠海 (Zhūhǎi): Discover the coastal city of Zhuhai, located on the Pearl River Delta and known for its beautiful beaches, lush parks, and vibrant cultural scene. Visit attractions such as the New Yuanming Palace, stroll along Lover's Road for panoramic views of the coastline, and enjoy fresh seafood at the bustling Gongbei Seafood Street.
The truth on how the violent Hong Kong riots were indeed a US / UK coup attempt
As in Tibet, BeiJing (89), and XinJiang, violent separatists have been created, aided and spurred on by the West. Rational protests were hijacked by foreign powers and their proxies. This is all about trying to undermine China, to keep it down. None worked, but now they are doubling down. This is what the US has and still does the world over. Central and south america, Africa and Asia, never allowed to fulfill their potential; coups and wars always snuffing out the possibilities. Even in Europe and the Middle East, as we see today. Fact : Hong Kong people never had the right to vote for their leaders under UK rule; not until China took back the reign from British colonial power. Thanks to the National Security Law, peace has finally returned to Hong Kong after a year of destructive riots and terror that wrecked Hong Kong's international image and economy. To China, the people of Hong Kong are family. To the West, they are just pawns in trying to bring down all of China and its people. With Cyrus Janssen ... YT comment : "The colonizer not only colonizes territory, they also colonize the local people's minds, through promoting their own culture over theirs, and also by devising education systems to inculcate their values into the local children. Even after the colonizer leaves, the minds of the people often remain enslaved and loyal to their former masters. This "colonial mentality" remains predominate in Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and other former colonies. Many in Hong Kong (though not all) tend to have the colonial mentality. Colonial mentality is the internalized perception of ethnic or cultural inferiority felt by people as a result of colonization. Such people tend to display a preference for the cultures of the Anglo-Saxons, while harboring a disdain for any "non-Anglo" culture, including their own! Hong Kong people had to bow to the British and stand for their National Anthem. They were treated as second rate citizens." "'You are free to agree, but not free to differ on the official truth'." "The ultimate hypocrisy is the UK supporting 'democracy' for HK when they never introduced it in all the 152 years of colonial rule. In 1967, HK anti colonial protests ended in the shooting of civilians, and I remember being teargassed in our apartment as a child. Young HK people need to learn from history. Foreign interference is anathema to any country." "'Any country that is not a slave is our enemy' - the US" Bonus films - With Danny HaiPhong ... Ben Norton on the NEW Cold War and Europe's economic suicide ... On the CIA, with Jeffrey Sachs ... With Brian Berletic ...
A walking tour of the Solana mall in BeiJing
The first lifestyle shopping park in China. Don't miss it. With Walk For You ... SanLiTun evening walk, BeiJing ... The UniWalk mall in ShenZhen ...

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