BeiHai Park

Beijing, China

Chamber for Reading the Classics

After exploring the Long Corridor part of the island, return to the south side by taking the west route. This will take you to the Chamber for Reading the Classics.

This is an open-roofed, fan-shaped hall holding a collection of 495 steles bearing inscriptions by famous Chinese calligraphers since the third century. It will claim the attention of calligraphy lovers for hours.



The beautiful gate below can be seen nearby.


Then cross the small bridge and head back to the south of the island.


Continue towards the southern bridge. Before reaching the bridge, you will pass some shops where small meals, drinks and snacks are available. Bypass the south bridge so that you stay on the island and head along the east side of the island northwards to the east bridge.


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Beihai Park Introduction

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Beihai Park Introduction
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Chamber for Reading the Classics
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