BeiHai Park

Beijing, China

The White Dagoba

Sitting on top of the hill on Jade Island, the famous White Dagoba is a 16th century masterpiece of Buddhist art.


A dagoba differs from the more well-known pagoda in shape. While a pagoda is a multi-storied pyramidic tower, a dagoba is a single rounded structure topped by a spire and crowned by a golden tip - a gilded ball shaped like a flame. Fourteen copper bells hang from its copper canopy.

The White Dagoba in BeiHai Park is 35.9 meters high. It is built of brick and stone whitened with lime. There is no entrance but an intriguing possibility is that a red emblem on the body of the tower is an opening which was sealed when the tower was completed. It is believed that Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, Lama robes and other sacred articles are stored inside. Sutras in the Tibetan language are carved inside the front gate.



The tower offers magnificent views over the city. Visitors can see from here the Five Dragon Pavilions standing on the opposite bank of the lake, with colourful ferry boats travelling back and forth between the shores. Directly south is the quiet (no public access) ZhongNanHai (Central and South Lakes) - two adjacent lakes which are now part of the grounds housing the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party Gentral Committee and the State Council.

To the south east one can see the yellow roofs and vermilion-walled buildings of the Forbidden City. Clearly visible directly north of the Forbidden City are the five pavilions arrayed along the top of JingShan Hill, which served as a screen for the Palace.



On a clear day you can see in the distance the Western Hills that form a huge jade backdrop to the capital. On a very clear day, one can just see the mountains in the north where the Great Wall passes by.


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