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At the north end of the eastern scenic area - just before you reach the north gate - is HaoPuJian. This is a 'garden within a garden'. Hao and Pu were the names of two rivers in ancient China.


Haopujian bridge.

The great philosopher Zhuang Zi stood by the Hao River and said to HuiShi, "Fish jump out and they are very happy." HuiShi replied, "You are not a fish - how do you know the fish are happy?" Zhuang Zi responded : "You are not me. How do you know I do not know the fish are happy?" This garden was built in memory of Zhuang Zi's remarks.

Created in 1757, the 22nd year of Emperor QianLong's reign (Qing Dynasty), HaoPuJian (Carefree Garden) is designed for tranquility, relaxation and admiring nature.

It is enclosed on three sides by small, tree-covered hills.




Other structures include the Palace Gate (Gong Men), Room for Viewing Clouds (Yun Xiu Shi) and Room for Admiring Flowers.

There are three waterside pavillions, zigzagging bridges and covered walkways winding around the hills and ponds.


With its serenity and ever-changing scenes as one wanders, HaoPuJian is famed as a 'garden within a garden'.


During the Qing Dynasty the emperor and his wives often came here to watch fish and Emperor QianLong here gave banquets to high court officials.

After, continue north towards the North Gate.



When you nearly reach the North Gate, turn west to the north-west scenic area where there are many places of interest, as described below.


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Beihai Park Introduction
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