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Beijing, China

Layout and Map of BeiHai Park

The park occupies an area of 70 Hectares; this incldes a beautiful 39 Hectare lake. The name BeiHai means 'north lake'. The lake itself has the name TaiYe.

Within the garden, pavillions, temples and courtyards nestle amid beautiful scenery of lakes, hills and trees.

Beihai Park is composed of TuanCheng (Circular City), JiongHua (Jade) Island, Eastern Shore Scenic Area and Northwestern Shore Scenic Area.




Map of Beihai Park.

QiongHua island is connected to the rest of the park by two stone bridges - one in the south and one in the east. There is also a ferry boat link with the north-west corner of the park. There are also three places to hire a small pleasure boat (indicated by a small blue boat on the map).

To the north of BeiHai is ShiChaHai (QianHai and HouHai) and to its east is JingShan Park. The Palace Museum (Forbidden City) is to the southeast.



Map of Beihai Park location.

Altogether, BeiHai Park has 5 entrance gates, at all of which entry can be gained. However, the south gate is the main gate and this guide's suggested route around the park begins here.


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