BeiHai Park

Beijing, China

Boating on BeiHai Lake

Now that you have completed our suggested route through BeiHai park, you might decide to hire a small boat and set out on the lake.


Or take a relaxing ferry boat ride back to Jade Island (near the main south gate). From here you can walk to JingShan park or the Forbidden City. Remember that the Forbidden City closes about 5pm and is very large. JingShan park, however, stays open into the evening (as does BeiHai).


Large boats travel to and from the island to the north west scenic area.

Or perhaps exit from the north gate, cross the road and explore the QianHai area.


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Beihai Park Introduction
Layout and Map

South Scenic Area

The Circular City

On the Island

Jade Island
YongAn Temple
Pavilion of Benevolent Voice
The White Dagoba
The Long Corridor
FangShan Restaurant
Chamber for Reading the Classics
ZhiZhu Hall

East Scenic Area


North West Scenic Area

Peaceful Heart Garden
Heavenly King Hall
DaCi ZhenRu Hall
The 9 Dragon Screen
The 5 Dragon Pavilions
The 5 Dragon Pavilions (2)
ChanFu Temple and Garden
The Pavilion of Complete Happiness
Boating at BeiHai Park

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