BeiHai Park

Beijing, China

The Five Dragon Pavilions

These charming pavilions with pointed roof-tops and upswept eaves extend out over the water and are interconnectcd by zig-zagging stone bridges.


beihai park pavilions.

beihai park, beijing.

The pavilions were constructed during the Ming Dynasty in 1602, the 13th year of Emperor WanLi.

The middle pavillion is the largest and, unlike the others, it has a circular upper roof. It is known as 'Long Ze Ting' (Pavilion of Dragon Benevolence).



In the past, the emperor and his consorts would come here to fish, watch fireworks, or admire the moon over Jade Island.


This is a popular spot for locals to play music and sing in many different styles, often with traditional instruments. Sometimes two or three of the pavilions are alive with music simultaneously!


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Beihai Park Introduction
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