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The Great Wall
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Badaling Great Wall is the site of the most visited section of the Great Wall of China, approximately 70 kilometers northwest of Beijing within the Beijing municipality.



Badaling Great Wall was constructed during the Ming Dynasty around 1505, together with a military outpost reflecting the location's strategic importance.

The Badaling Great Wall averages 7.5 meters in height. It is 6.5m wide at the base and 5.8m wide at the top - wide enough for five horses or ten soldiers side by side.

Badaling Great Wall - start of the climb.



Badaling Great Wall is situated about 10km further north of JuYongGuan Great Wall. They are both sited on the same natural pass through the mountains to the north of Beijing and hence a critical point of defence.

Although popular, Badaling is a good introduction to the Great Wall. Authentically reconstructed, Badaling shows the Great Wall as it would have looked originally, and it does not look too new. Badaling Great Wall stretches for 4.8 km along rolling mountains and has 19 strategically located watchtowers.



Badaling Great Wall has been carefully restored, and in 1957 it was the first section of the Great Wall to open officially to tourists. The immediate area has seen some useful development, including hotels, restaurants and a cable car. A Great Wall Museum has been established near to the wall.

Over 100 million visitors have climbed Badaling Great Wall.



Badaling Great Wall offers an interesting climb and great views, although it can also be the most crowded (near the start). However, everyone is in good spirits and there is a sense of comraderie and fun involved in being with others. On a hot day, it can be quite exhausting to reach the top - but you will all be in the same boat! Nevertheless, if possible, try to avoid going on a national holiday or at the weekend.

八达岭长城提供了一个很好的攀登场所而且有非常雄伟的景色,尽管它也是最拥挤的地段(尤其在入口处)。然而每一个人都很兴奋大家的精神状态都很好,情绪互相感染。在炎热的天气里,当你爬到顶峰时已经相当的精辟力尽了 — 但是算在小船里也会同样的。不过,如果可能尽量避开法定假日和周末。

Visiting BaDaLing Great Wall

The recently completed Badaling Expressway provides a fast and direct route to Badaling from Beijing. Badaling Great Wall is only 65 minutes from Beijing.

You can take coach (bus) 919 from Deshengmen (a little east of JiShuiTan subway station). The price is only 12 yuan each way. The last return journey is about 17:30pm. On arrival, turn right, up the gift shop and cafe lined hill and under the Great Wall itself; the ticket office and entrance is on the right. For the return journey, take the bus from the same bus stop as where you arrived.



The entrance to Badaling Great Wall that you will see close to the bus stop is for the cable car that can take you up about 2/3 of the way to the peak - but that would spoil the fun! Take it down if you're in a hurry for the last bus. If you do miss the last bus, there will be private cars offering to take you. Join with others and try to strike a hard bargain (perhaps 150 yuan total for 2 or three in a car). Alternatively, you can ask to be taken to ChangPing which is halfway to Beijing and from where there are busses into the evening to Beijing (route 345, last bus 22:00).


A high point at Badaling Great Wall.

After buying your ticket (about 50 yuan), make your way up on to the Great Wall. You can go either left or right (or both, but not at the same time!).

Left : A bit shorter than to the right. Quite steep at first, then levels out. Return the same way.

Right : Takes you to the highest point. From there, continue to the second half which is both much quieter and even more interesting. There is an exit in a valley near the end of the second part - take the road (right, uphill) for 10-15 minutes back to the starting point ticket office. Or trace your journey all the way back again - The light will be different and the fact that you are going in the opposite direction (up where you had gone down, and vice versa) makes for a whole new experience.



右边:带你到最高点。然后从那继续下半截,变得更安静更有趣。在第二段的接近尽头的地方有一个出口在山谷里——走那条路(右边、上山)大约10-15分钟回到起始的卖票厅。或者顺着你来时的路全程原路返回——情况将会有所不同,事实上,你正朝着相反的方向走(如你下来, 反之亦然) , 一个全新的体验。

To trek first to the left, then back, then the longer right and back takes about 3 to 4 hours. Just the right loop (back by road) takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.


Some parts of the Great Wall are steep so be careful, especially of your footing when taking photos or after a shower of rain. Wear appropriate footwear.

Wind chill can be significant in winter. In summer, you will need plenty of fluids.

Films, drinks and snacks are available up on the wall, but pricey - so it is best to take sufficient with you. If you need more film or batteries, bargain hard - but you probably will have to accept paying more than normal.

Badaling Great Wall is open daily, 6:30 - 18:30.
Admission is 50 yuan.






Video of Badaling Great Wall

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