LianHuaChi Lotus Park

LianHuaChi Lotus Park, Beijing, China

LianHuaChi Lotus Park

LianHuaChi Lotus Park is located east of the west third ring road, a little south of the central axis, close to the Beijing West mainline railway station. It was redesigned in the late 1980s with a large lake and interesting features, including places to exercise, relax and have fun. It is a peaceful place to take a walk. It covers an area of 45 hectares (110 acres). It is also a popular location for traditional temple fairs.

The name LianHuaChi means 'Lotus Pond'. There has been a pond here for over 1,000 years and the location is often regarded as the birthplace of the city of Beijing. Beijing in its early days, under a number of different names through various dynasties, was based around this pool, which provided much of the water for the city.



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