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The awesome ZhongShan 中山 University graduation flash-mob

2016 年中山大学毕业季快闪

Sun Yat-Sen University, also known as ZhongShan University, is a public university in GuangDong, south east China. It was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a revolutionary and the founding father of the Republic of China.

Don't miss this; the song at 6:00 will melt any frozen heart ...

[video v=Ut-RCsqsx9Y]

Malaysian student's 1 month cultural exchange stay.

We all get older, but never lose your childhood wonder and love for life ...

[video v=aG-Zoz0L7Wc start=20] [video v=DE6k46ks3jU]

Life at SYSU ...

[video v=BbtFJiKSVUs]

ZhongShan 中山 GuangDong province

ZhongShan is one of a very few cities in China named after a person - Sun ZhongShan (1866–1925), also known as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the founding father of the Republic of China.

[video v=Vx3Gb-kRNkY start=2:40]

Electric unicycle ride, ShenZhen 深圳

Filmed in December 2014.

No 'stem' or handle-bars, and only one wheel so more easily manouverable by leans. It's just awesome !

[video v=0vQYJ_zImz0 stop=205]

Flying along the river at night in ZhongShan city, GuangDong province.

[video v=NGFhDbAgChQ]

ZhongShan Park, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in October 2010.

[video v=SpsUhdfCyDc] [video v=u1zyS4pDC28]

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