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The beautiful LongQing Gorge 龙庆峡, Beijing

90 kilometers (55 miles) north west of Beijing city, LongQing Gorge offers boating, hiking and more; plus an ice festival in winter.

LóngQìng Xiá reminds one of the natural, soaring scenery around GuiLin and YangShuo ...

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Boating at LongQing Gorge 龙庆峡

The LongQing Xia Scenic Area is located 90km (56 miles) northwest of Beijing (10 kilometers northeast of YanQing).

Known also as the 'Lesser LiJiang river outside the Great Wall', it makes a nice day trip from Beijing.

Once at the top of the dam, by taking the world's longest elevator, you can take to the water or go hiking around the gorge. The 7 km long lake area is flanked by steep cliffs with many scenic spots. There are a variety of other activities available too, including bungee jumping, zip line and cable cars.

In winter, the water here is frozen and dazzling, large ice sculptures are created.

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Inside an ice sculpture (LongQing Xia, Beijing)

LongQing Gorge is not far from the city of Beijing (a bus ride)

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