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WongFu Productions – a selection of dramas

Funny and sometimes bitter-sweet dramas ...

Featuring the great music of Jesse Chui and Thomas' Apartment

A History of the Peace Sign

[video v=0GLJRzuodKo]

Hong Kong Dream Line (2 parts)

[video v=9rFaGtx8PGw][video v=0pGkcfBLuTM]

Nice Guy (3 parts)

[video v=ZrnK-qPARYI][video v=qMGeWGvDHTA][video v=N5lJL2peXik]


[video v=pSrXMFcQ4dY]

Say no to fear and loathing - it's just a trick - 'divide and conquer'; 'we, the people,' stand together and celebrate our strength and the beauty of diversity. One world, one people, many cultures = paradise ...

[video v=_085SVWADe0]

‘Nice Guy’ and ‘RainDrop’ – drama (HD)

Two great films by WangFu Productions (Philip Wang, Weslie Chan, 2007, 2010).

Featuring the wonderful music of Jesse Chui.

[video v=ZrnK-qPARYI start=218]
[video v=qMGeWGvDHTA]
[video v=N5lJL2peXik]
[video v=pSrXMFcQ4dY]

Hong Kong dream line – micro drama

A touching short story ...

[video v=9rFaGtx8PGw]
[video v=0pGkcfBLuTM]

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