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BeiJing 北京 Olympics memories : You and Me (song and clips)

Sung by Liu Huan & Sarah Brightman, with clips of friendship from the games ...

[video v=rC0w7-RWm_U]

Created by China Central Television (CCTV).


China eyes hosting the Winter Olympics

After the success of the Beijing summer Olympics in 2008, China is setting its sights on hosting a future winter games, perhaps in 2022.

As part of that plan, huge developments are underway in the north of the country, building new ski resorts and runs. And unlike this year's games in Vancouver, resort owners say that northern China never has a problem with a lack of snow.

[video v=vXN6OOHSc8g]

Karate Kid : movie trailer

With Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. In cinemas this summer (2010).

[video v=jfxmx9r-3Xs]

Video archive of the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics

Hundreds of video clips of the sport and ceremonies at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics.


An introduction to ShangHai (countdown to the World Expo 2010)

A video introduction to ShangHai (7 minutes) ...

[video v=ygsNr8xaWC8]

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