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Happy Valentine’s Day from BeijingBuzzz 4 / 4

We hope all our visitors will one day find (or have found) their true love.

Romantic songs galore ...

When love calls your name ... are you ready to believe ? Are you strong enough, to trust in love ...?

No matter what ...

Three little words : Wo ai ni (I love you) ...

Waiting for my chance, I was lost, then found, All I know is : We're all in the dance.

One life ... one love ...

Beginning with 'Superhero Wedding' ...

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Romance is great, but love is greater.

Remember that scene from 'Karate Kid' ? Put on your jacket, take off your jacket, put on your jacket, take off your jacket ...' Kung Fu is not just an activity one does now and then - it is a way of life and permeates one's very heart and is in everything one does. So it is for the true love.

Time may flow on without halt, but you won't. However, what you do in life can have a lasting impact, and resonate from heart to heart, down the ages. Love is without fear, love is now, love is forever.

Single or double, the most important thing is to love life ...

Happy lovers day, from BeijingBuzzz : )( :

This is it.


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