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Highlights of the closing ceremony of the 26th Universiade, ShenZhen 深圳

August 2011. Staged at the 'Window of the World'.

Includes the handover to Kazan, Russia for July 2013.

[video v=9037f0GWorU]

The 26th Summer Universiade in ShenZhen 深圳 – Opening Ceremony

August 12th, 2011.

[video v=ZoMN8ajdyzI]

ShenZhen 深圳 Summer Universiade 2011 highlights

August 2011.

[video v=yRltGYmHZZg]

Highlights of the 2011 Universiade Opening Ceremony in ShenZhen 深圳

GuangDong province.

August 12th, the kick-off of the 26th Summer Universiade took place with the traditional Opening Ceremony. A third Universiade for China, after 2001 (Summer) in Beijing and 2009 (Winter) in Harbin. Therefore, the expectations were high as the Chinese are known to be masters in staging big shows. And once again the hosts did not disappoint. A dazzling and colorful show took place in front of 25,000 spectators giving the green light for 12 days of thrilling sport competitions between student-athletes in 24 sports. ~ FISUTV

[video v=ZoMN8ajdyzI]

The ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade Opening Ceremony

Summer 2011, GuangDong province.

[video v=ZoMN8ajdyzI]
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The ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade Closing Ceremony Gala 2011

GuangDong province, in south-east China

[video v=9037f0GWorU]
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The ShenZhen Summer Universiade 2011 : highlights

The 26th Summer Universiade, in beautiful GuangDong province ...

[video v=yRltGYmHZZg]

Closing ceremony of the ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade 2011

Order :

1: Cultural performances 2: Cultural performances 3: Songs 4: National flags 5: Speeches 6: Handover to Kazan, Russian Federation

The last two videos are a taster of the atmosphere inside the main stadium during the last week.

[video v=-ov6apMmIgA]   Plus more videos ...



The opening of the 26th Universiade in ShenZhen

Friday 12th August 2011.

Highlights of the spectacular opening of the Summer Universiade, the world student Olympics.

The cultural performances start just before halfway through the second video. The third shows the torch ceremony and innovative lighting of the flame.

[video v=aYpGQ2cFVYI]
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