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The Great Wall at MuTianYu 慕田峪 luge slide

Toboggan / luge. Filmed in the summer of 2012 ...

[video v=h4xfhTczRrE start=30 stop=310]

The toboggan ride at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing 北京

The quick, and fun, way down the mountain ...

[video v=FK7YlYPrW_w start=40]

Toboggan mountain slide at YaoShan Park

Near Guilin, GuangXi province.

[video v=TjUWo0h-Gec start=204]

On the luge slide at MuTuanYu Great Wall

Five minutes if fast, ten minutes at a more relaxed pace.

[video v=4JrMW29Hiu0]

The luge / slide at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing 北京

Tired legs? Take a relaxing and fun slide down the mountain ...

The first film is in summer and is smoother because the riders are slower. The second is in winter with snow on the ground and (at times) a lot more speed.

[video v=gkGdL4Qy2YU]
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Luge slide at MuTianYu Great Wall, BeiJing

A fun way down; 1.5 km long.

Second film is in winter with some snow; third in autumn with golden leaves. In the fourth, the guy didn't use the brake that much!

[video v=Q5wf1fYEP38]
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