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New Year’s Eve 2017 countdown pop concerts

With HuNan TV ...

[video v=RZXKmX2FkjQ start=59]

With BeiJing TV ...

[video v=YMUr5WEMyxU]

With ShangHai TV ...

[video v=Cl0e8ubnebQ]

With ZheJiang TV ...

[video v=DW2USZly_lk start=1:42 c=3][video v=9OSWvd5IIrs c=3][video v=qfs2HOQm7i8 c=3][video v=LtlgWK7AQlU c=3][video v=qePYmSLn-N4 c=3]

With JiangSu TV ...

[video v=SbXnUKju83Q]


Solos from the Voice of China

A selection of songs in English.

Seven great performances !

[video v=3kMfrtP7tQQ][video v=-E6XigEDLd4]


Pop performance at the ShangHai World Expo

On the 24th July Pet Conspiracy performed in Expo Shanghai's Europe Square.

The electro-rock band from Beijing is composed of three Chinese and two Italian members. A wave of Chinese and Italian energy!

[video v=kakISj5bDuA]

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