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Free-runner Ryan Doyle in China 中国

Ryan explores the roots of a major influence in his Parkour life ...

[video v=nUBVHI3IIac]

Spring action from BeiJing 北京

1) Rollerblading Word Champion Wang Ding Yu Xin 王鼎郁馨 at the 2013 Freestyle Beijing.

2) Beijing Urban Monkeys - Love life, love parkour!

[video v=bJPKKTDwGi0] [video v=gK70SwippIU]

Free running parkour at ChaoYang Park 朝阳公园, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in the summer of 2012 ...

[video v=FWyqspaj42k]

Parkour tour of ShangHai 上海

Filmed in 2012 ...

[video v=7RD8ZckE8UQ start=8]

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