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Silk Road of the Sea – a great stage performance

A stunning performance from the Opening Gala of the Asian Games 2010 in GuangZhou.

GuangZhou has been a major port for over 1,000 years and gateway to the Silk Road of the Sea.

[video v=1CDjEp202p4 start=30]   Plus more videos ...



The opening of the 26th Universiade in ShenZhen

Friday 12th August 2011.

Highlights of the spectacular opening of the Summer Universiade, the world student Olympics.

The cultural performances start just before halfway through the second video. The third shows the torch ceremony and innovative lighting of the flame.

[video v=aYpGQ2cFVYI]
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Fireworks and music on the eve of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo

Beautiful, extended scenes.

The concert featured many international stars, dance and wonderful stagecraft and the finale combined fireworks with bold lighting, fountains and dramatic music ...

[video v=_1DBfe-zBzE]   Plus more videos ...



Video archive of the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics

Hundreds of video clips of the sport and ceremonies at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics.


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