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ChongQing 重庆 musical fountains night shows

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The musical fountains in Xi’An 西安, ShaanXi province

Located in the North Square by the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Every evening at 8pm; free.

The fountains cover over 100,000 square meters and form the world's most spectacular fountain complex. There are 2000 sets of nozzles, over 3000 sets of lights plus a professional audio system.

The huge site can be attended by over 10,000 people.

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Musical fountains, West Lake 西湖, HangZhou 杭州

8pm every day; free

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Impression LiJiang 印象丽江 – the open-air musical

Impression LiJiang is a one hour, open-air musical based on local folklore and song, directed by famed film director Zhang YiMou, with Wang ChaoGe and Fan Yue.

Featuring a cast of over 500 performers, it is staged in front of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in YunNan province. The most famous music item is the Naxi song 'Return Home'.

[video v=M4TnqU8PyQ4]

Scenes from the outdoor musical show ‘TianMen Fox’ 天门狐仙

[video v=qTuiJLwGw-M]

Beautiful musical fountains at the West Lake, HangZhou 杭州

ZheJiang province.

Musical fountain in HangZhou 杭州

At the West Lake ...

BeiJing Botanical Garden 北京植物园 : rose garden and fountains - video

In the western suburbs of Beijing at the foot of the Western Hills.

The exquisite musical fountain at the ShangHai 上海 World Expo

The musical fountains along the HuangPu river ...

Musical water fountains in Xi'An - video

On a grand scale ...

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