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When spring comes, let’s enjoy a pot of SiChuan dried ribs


ZiQi wrote the following when she released this video on Chinese social media on father's day 2016 :

I don't have a signature dish. I just heard from grandma that you liked it.
I don't remember your face, but there's always a silhouette in my head, and I know that it's you.
It hasn't been easy without you by my side.
It's been twenty two years. I really miss you.

Her father passed away when she was a young child. The background song is by an artist named 薛之谦 and is called 我好像在哪见过你 - I think I have met you somewhere ...

[video v=XYbJnAyYIFY]

Hand dyed denim-like blue cotton


Calico is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton.

Li ZiQi demonstrates her techniques with this traditional art and craft ...

[video v=ejwQRHtS6cw]   Plus more videos ...



The magical matsutake mushroom 松茸 (SōngRóng)

"Under the red pine trees above 3,000 meters sea level, there is a fairy ingredient - 松茸 (Matsutake; the French call it Champignon de pint). It's an edible fungus with extremely high nutritional value and a very special aroma. It still can not be artificially cultivated. From "Charcoal Roasted Matsutake" to "Matsutake Chicken Soup" to "Matsutake Wine" ... I made these dishes with the utmost devout ritual using this most precious ingredient!"

[video v=D63cFlh7TiI]

Ginseng and honey

[video v=Yx4JnDez1sk]

An outdoor oven to warm your heart, even in winter

[video v=Cahnb7vr-AM]

Bonus film - a DIY woolen cloak for winter warmth ...

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The ‘Scholar’s Four Jewels’ of China – the brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper

The 'Scholar's Four Jewels' of China are the brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper.

Discover how each is created from scratch, from thousands of years of cultural tradition ...

[video v=qza1Jz2g8FQ]

While ink and paper are well-known Chinese inventions, so is movable block printing ...

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Amazing bamboo – country girl shows how to make some furniture

Bamboo (a grass) is fast-growing and sustainable, light and strong ...

[video v=LTejJnrzGPM]

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