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Dazzling dance action !

Plus a little Jive. ChengDu, SiChuan province.

Excerpts from the selection of the national squad that will go to Beijing for the WDSF World Championship September 2012.

[video v=KJmJsiEYZZo]

Plus, an awesome feel-good dance video from Swing BeiJing.

Locations: The Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the “Bird’s Nest” Beijing National Stadium, QianHai – HouHai, the Temple of Heaven, ZhongShan Park and The Place mall.

Music:the fantastic Pink Martini – “Wo Yao Ni De Ai 我要你的爱” (I Want You, To Be My Baby) ...

[video v=hnpq4bcADB4]

Plus, a dance from the China Youth Dance Festival (great song) ...

[video v=NA7MkoyrcFU]

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