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ShenZhen 深圳 guide, 2016

GuangDong province, south east China. With KayLi Lum and Insider TV ...

[video v=5XF9ypY2Kjw]

China cities guides, spring 2015

With Insider TV.

Each film includes both the famous places and also interesting places that are less well known, including dining and nightlife.

[video v=5J1H52Mn6_U][video v=lqrwKECOetY][video v=XdUHVvkVrsA][video v=tbpYWDs0bqU][video v=v0ZtIHs77gY][video v=UROvt01cfPM][video v=O9-EXPh9emA]

A Beijing Guide from Insider TV

With host KayLi Lum ...

[video v=Ff2khOQKbXg]

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