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All of me & In the arms of an angel : Jane Zhang

So beautiful ...     Don't miss this !

'All of me' by John Legend plus 'In the arms of an angel' by Sarah McLachlan

[video v=ReshN_l80_0 start=11][video v=TP8MdwPxFfU start=0 stop=2:17][video v=PxF1CqLOolA]


[video v=xcwHJ3ac3rs]


[video v=lA4BqqpPflo start=216]

張靚穎,舒浩煬,曹格 - I'll be there (Michael Jackson) + 冬天裏的一把火 (音樂大師課-北京衛視)

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Jane Zhang 張靚穎

A beautiful voice; a musical treat :)

The multi award-winning, international superstar diva - the inimitable Jane Zhang ...

無法言喻 Indescribable Love - a charming music video
天下無雙 (Tian Xia Wu Shuang) Unparalleled in this World - theme from the film Return of The Condor Heroes, 2006
印象西湖 Impression West Lake, with composer Kitaro (see the stunning show with this name in HangZhou, set on the lake)

[video v=OHiGmIVo134][video v=ESLVLBddr8E][video v=2LU7sJYZuyE]

Pop diva Jane Zhang at the Beijing Water Cube (music)

With the Chinese New Year approaching, a FlashBack -

Jane Zhang singing 'Bold' and 'Angel' (by Sarah McLochlan) at the Beijing TV Spring Festival International Gala, January 24th, 2012

張靚穎 (大年初二) BTV 環球春晚 北京衛視

[video v=Lw2iTFb3KKs] [video v=ebjg1Lm9XQ4]

The BTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010

Flashback to the Beijing TV International Gala.

Jane Zhang, and Lara Fabian with Laure Shang (WenJie).

[video v=2iBXxBWMzy0] [video v=jwqP8AxRAX8 start=45]

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