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Winter trip to Harbin and the Ice Festival

The Snow and Ice Festival runs mid-January to the end of February, approximately, each year.

[video v=jdl8nOEa2z4 start=7:32]

Scenes from the Harbin 哈尔滨 Snow and Ice Festival

Runs to the end of February, weather permitting.

[video v=QJb2IXmMn3I]   Plus more videos ...



Winter China trip – Beijing to the Harbin Ice Festival, 2015

Open roughly January and February every year (weather dependent); HeiLongJiang province, north East China. Nearest big city - Beijing.

[video v=5gUd9L1edK4 start=29]

The wonderful Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

The Festival opens January 5th each year to around mid-February.

[video v=Y7mjGmS3-z0]
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A trip to the Harbin Ice Festival at night

See and walk through the giant-size architecture.

All made from snow and ice, and illuminated by internal lights.

[video v=C3bmxc9vHcE start=168]

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