Videos about Garden of Harmonious Interests, China

The Garden of Harmonious Interests, the Summer Palace 頤和園, BeiJing

A delightful garden within a garden.

New HD version; filmed in August 2010.

[video v=Uhla-toHSw4]

The Garden of Harmonious Interests at the Summer Palace 颐和园, BeiJing

YíHéYuán, September 2010.

[video v=p0MgGb4PeBM]
[video v=xpJgTkGL92Q]

Long Corridor pictures at the Summer Palace, BeiJing 北京

Filmed at the Garden of Harmonious Interests within the Summer Palace, Beijing.

A short stretch of the Long Corridor ...

[video v=ZNAj23XoNcg]

Music and dance at the Summer Palace, BeiJing 北京

Two excerpts from one of the frequent free performances at the three-tier, open-stage theater (Grand Stage) by the Garden of Harmonious Interests :

[video v=KZ8bhY4MIig]
[video v=mIII8XaWQmA]

A special for the eve of the Chinese New Year (not the best video quality, but sound is ok) :

[video v=vIma4k4cmbg]

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