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Chinese New Year eve fireworks !

Gong Xi Ni. Gong Xi Fa Chai :) A happy Spring Festival week to all our visitors, from the BeijingBuzzz team.

Videos from Beijing. Enjoy ...

[video v=pQk_1wD11_0 start=6 stop=40][video v=co8pXOPoDT4 start =25 stop=80][video v=lqQFcfgWkh0 start=30][video v=t1Tphnnsdxs][video v=mUG_wUvruFU start=120][video v=AdCHYGbdqhs start=55]

Seasonal lights and New Year countdown in BeiJing 北京

The first film features WangFuJing, XiDan and the Solana Center in ChaoYang Park.

The second film shows the New Year countdown celebrations at The Place, which features the world's largest overhead LED display.

[video v=a7fL2Z4TzJA][video v=xtj8483DYAM][video v=kj5tk1Rrkkk]

New Year’s Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

[video v=jzn9PpBw_mI] [video v=v4yu3aD4De4 start=58 stop=96]

New Year’s Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Happy New Year !

The preview image is blurred, but the video is sharp. Get a taste of being there in Victoria Harbor that night ...

[video v=vIyccDzSbak start=40]

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