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Soup dumplings for the Lantern Festival 元宵节

Naturally colored glutinous rice.

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Chinese dumplings ! Recipes and techniques

Two films; sweet rice dumplings further down.

Chicken and cilantro, pan fried ...

[video v=kg6dm8535TI]

Chicken and cilantro dumplings(makes 60 dumplings)

all purpose flour or dumpling flour 400g a little bit more than 2.5 cups
salt:1g 1/4 teaspoon
room temperature water : 240g a little bit less than a cup

chicken thigh:500g
regular soy sauce:16g 1 tablespoon
ginger paste:3g 1/2 teaspoon
egg white :1
white pepper powder :1g 1/4 teaspoon
five-spice powder:1g 1/4 teaspoon
2 green onions chopped
salt:4g 1/2 teaspoon
sesame oil :4g 1 teaspoon

for frying :
oil 12g 1 tablespoon
water 60g 1/4 cup杯
cook for 5-6 minutes

Sweet rice dumplings

  Plus more videos ...



Beijing-style dumplings at Chinese New Year

Dumplings resemble the ingots that once were China's currency, so eating them brings hope of an auspicious and fortunate year.

Small eateries serving dumplings remain plentiful in Beijing. Here, boiled jiaozi are called shui jiao (water dumpling) and are served with black vinegar, sometimes spiked with chilli, sesame oil or soy sauce.Just about every restaurant in Beijing makes its dumplings to order and at ridiculously low prices, $1 or less for a full plate. Dumplings are sometimes sold by the half-dozen, other times by weight and with a dizzying array of fillings such as lamb and pumpkin, or pork and fennel, tomato and egg and the Beijing classic: pork and cabbage.,0,5499333.story


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