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Drum meet-up in HouHai, BeiJing 北京

Morning in central Beijing ...

[video v=gEM_WiBmtkk]

Young drummers’ impromptu performance in ShanXi 山西 province

Energetic and spirited music ...

"Came across this band of drummers inside the so-impressive temple built and dedicated to one of the heroes of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu (later immortalized and widely worshipped as Guan Di). Guan Yu was a native of Yuncheng.

The temple's giant modern statue of Guan Di was funded by donations from units of the party-state and state sector enterprises.

[The] Band of drummers were practising and they put on this impromptu concert for us."

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HangZhou 杭州 drums

Seniors performing their drum routines ...

[video v=tLCfKePr-fI]

ShangHai 上海 World Expo scenes : fountains and drums

The first film shows the musical fountains set in the HuangPu river.

The second film shows a drumming performance in the South Korean pavilion.

[video v=lWCiTNrw9YY start=5]
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Music and dance at the Summer Palace, BeiJing 北京

Two excerpts from one of the frequent free performances at the three-tier, open-stage theater (Grand Stage) by the Garden of Harmonious Interests :

[video v=KZ8bhY4MIig]
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