Videos about Ditan Park, China

DiTan Park (Temple of Earth), BeiJing 北京

Filmed in the autumn of 2010.

[video v=QKLAlTjyPxU]

The Spring Festival Temple Fair in BeiJing 北京

Filmed mostly in Ditan Park, in 2008.

[video v=MDNf1mw-I6I]

Green space by the east gate of Ditan Park, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in October 2010.

North side of the second ring road by YongHeGong.

Nearest subway station : YongHeGong (lines 2 and 5).

[video v=EGfUmxJLbgI]

DiTan Park 地毯公园, BeiJing

DiTan Park is based around the Temple of Earth and complements the Temple of Heaven (TianTan) in the south of BeiJing.

Besides the temple and altar, the park is filled with pine, gingko and cypress trees. There is an exercise area and children's play area towards the North Gate, a large croquet green to the south of the East Gate, and landscaped pavilions to the north of the East Gate.

There is a very popular Temple Fair held here during the Spring Festival which falls around the beginning of February.

Nearest subway stations: YongHeGong (lines 2 and 5) for the East Gate (nearest) or AnDingMen (line 2) for the West Gate.

The green space outside the East Gate is also very pleasant.

[video v=zXXDZowH9so]
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Chinese New Year events in Beijing

Temple Fairs, exhibitions and more - events in Beijing during Chinese New Year:

If unsure where to go, the Temple Fair at Ditan Park (YongHeGong or AnDingMen subway stations on line 2) is a good choice.

China Daily newspaper's Chinese New Year coverage:


The Spring Festival Temple Fair at DiTan Park

Ten galleries of photographs.

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year) is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, rather like Christmas in the West. Nearly all people living away return home. Thus, this is the busiest time for all transportation systems, starting about two weeks before the Spring Festival itself.

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