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PanJiaYuan Curio Market, Beijing 潘家园旧货市场

A very large market of antiques, painting and craft materials, and curios of all kinds, including large sculpture items. A fascinating place to visit ...

[video v=kWw5btjyTG0]   Plus more videos ...



A quick guide to PanJiaYuan curio market in Beijing 北京

Note that PanJiaYuan Market is open everyday, though more popular at weekends.

[video v=8bzDjYzca4o]

PanJiaYuan arts and crafts market, BeiJing 北京

A semi-open market with a wide variety of goods, including antiques and curios.

Especially popular at weekends when additional sellers are present. Starts from very early morning.

[video v=wfWmIXoDZL0]

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