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Highlights of the closing ceremony of the 26th Universiade, ShenZhen 深圳

August 2011. Staged at the 'Window of the World'.

Includes the handover to Kazan, Russia for July 2013.

[video v=9037f0GWorU]

The ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade Closing Ceremony Gala 2011

GuangDong province, in south-east China

[video v=9037f0GWorU]
[video v=wFn6751_k5g]

The 2010 Asian Games closing gala – best songs

A selection of beautiful performances from the 16th Asian Games held in GuangZhou, provincial capital of GuangDong ...

Sing Sing So - Indonesia
[video v=i57JB6lbTFw]
[video v=HkXyLIMGc00]
Sakura - Japan
[video v=hrfqQJHPZB0]
Yue Guang Guang - China
[video v=QKw4bq0yNwc]
[video v=heFFiMheQpc]
Happy Journey
[video v=rAnZal6Qqi8]
Mongani by Gupta Tanya & Ravi Tripathi
[video v=2wSYDwhu4LQ]
Sunshine Again
[video v=yjaUFN81Oug]
[video v=WykByaD5duM]


Closing ceremony of the ShenZhen 深圳 Universiade 2011

Order :

1: Cultural performances 2: Cultural performances 3: Songs 4: National flags 5: Speeches 6: Handover to Kazan, Russian Federation

The last two videos are a taster of the atmosphere inside the main stadium during the last week.

[video v=-ov6apMmIgA] [video v=HzYvWljhBms] [video v=L4tkF2M4nDo start=146] [video v=wFn6751_k5g start=375] [video v=J5adP1uCFpA] [video v=oStjGdUh5aE] [video v=ML2v5OPG3s0] [video v=079T9zpmb9w]

ShangHai 上海 World Expo, Closing Ceremony

Excerpts of the closing ceremony, October 1st 2010 ...

[video v=a2r55RmsjAY] [video v=0nzVtJr4E8M start=2:20]

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