Videos about Christmas, China

Christmas tree lighting, BeiJing 北京

Seasonal song and dance at the HaiDian Christian Church, north west Beijing ...

[video v=tVEg-8Dy_Vs start=9]

Seasonal lights in BeiJing 北京

Winter, Christmas and New Year lighting in China's capital ...

[video v=a7fL2Z4TzJA][video v=cbsi_k0R4_k]

Seasonal lights and New Year countdown in BeiJing 北京

The first film features WangFuJing, XiDan and the Solana Center in ChaoYang Park.

The second film shows the New Year countdown celebrations at The Place, which features the world's largest overhead LED display.

[video v=a7fL2Z4TzJA][video v=xtj8483DYAM][video v=kj5tk1Rrkkk]

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