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Panda Base : The Panda Research Center in ChengDu 成都

This center, 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地, in SiChuan province, has been created to imitate the natural habitat of the Giant Panda and other rare species, for research, breeding and education. One can also see the so-called Red Panda.

[video v=izxkKkG3kzI]

Bonus films :

ChengDu city center at night ...

[video v=3tqS8eGWwdg]

10 great places to visit in ChengDu ...

[video v=SqQIiNirVWA]

11 : The largest building in the world: the New Century Global Center ...

[video v=yo6WBHr62TQ]

And ChengDu in timelapse ...

[video v=Z4JHQhksQ24]

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