ShangHai 上海 landmarks – Sunday night walk

With Wei's Travel ...

00:00 Intro 简介
02:38 Yu Garden 豫园商城-城隍庙
08:32 Nine Curve Bridge 九曲桥广场
13:40 Shanghai Old Street 上海老街
20:08 Yu Garden New Street 豫园新街
25:20 The Bund 延安东路外滩
32:17 The Bund Riverside 外滩滨江
37:53 Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路步行街
47:01 Shanghai Daimaru Mall 新世界大丸百货
01:05:05 Walking Street Plaza Bar 步行街广场酒吧
01:16:50 New World Mall 新世界商城
01:25:28 West Nanjing Road 南京西路


Bonus film - West NanJing Road, ShangHai, with Walk East ...


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