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The Sea of Wisdom Temple
The Summer Palace
Introduction to the Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

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The top of Longevity Hill and the Sea of Wisdom' Temple

From the Tibetan Style Temple make your way up to the very top of Longevity Hill where you will find a Buddhist temple glazed in over 1000 green and yellow tiles, many depicting the Buddha. Notice that many of the tiles within easy reach have the head of the Buddha chopped off - a legacy of the Cultural Revolution. The 'Sea of Wisdom' temple is constructed entirely of stone and brick, without any beams or rafters. Inside is a statue of GuanYin.


At the bottom of Longevity Hill on the north side, a little to the east, is a pagoda in the same style.

The top of Longevity Hill provides a great view of the Summer Palace and the city beyond.

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The Summer Palace
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