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The Long Corridor
The Summer Palace
Introduction to the Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

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The Long Corridor

The 'Long Corridor' is a covered walkway, 728 metres (2,238 feet) long that runs by KunMing Lake at the southern foot of Longevity Hill. It is the longest walkway in any Chinese garden. Indeed, it is the longest decorated corridor in the world.


The Long Corridor has over 14,000 traditional Chinese paintings on the beams and crossbeams. Look up and along every pillar and crevice you will see the paintings of scenes from West Lake in HuangZhou (at the far end of China's Grand Canal to the south), episodes from Chinese classic literature, flowers, architecture and landscapes.


Because the paintings need to be touched up every 12 years to keep them from fading and the work of the artisans has varied over the years, the intricacies of the art is sometimes lost, but it is still breathtaking to see.


The function of corridors in Chinese garden architecture is to offer a sheltered passageway from direct sun as well as inclement weather when passing between buildings.


The corridor is interspersed with a quartet of double-eave octagonal pavilions symbolizing each of the four seasons.


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