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The Pavilion of Buddhist Incense
The Summer Palace
Introduction to the Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

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The Pavilion of Buddhist Incense

This gateway lies at the front of the palace complex close to the lake.

Proceed left (that is, east) along the Long Corridor for about 10 minutes until you reach the entrance to the main palace buildings. You will need to buy an additional ticket to enter. Ascending through beautifully decorated covered walkways, you will pass many places of interest.


'Cloud-Dispelling Hall' and the 'Pavilion of Buddhist Fragrance' are the main constructions on this south side of Longevity Hill. Being built on a base constructed with carved marble, and surrounded by a terrace with marble railings, these graceful and magnificent buildings were the site where emperors and empresses received congratulations at their birthday ceremonies.


The octagonal, 3-storied and quadruple-eaved wood-constructed Pavilion of Buddhist Fragrance (FoXiangGe) is the highest and largest grand architecture in the Summer Palace. The 40-meter-high tower is built on a 20-meter high stone terrace half way up the Hill - hence it seems to touch the clouds and looks graceful and beautiful. This symbol of the Summer Palace can be seen for miles around.


A nine-level pagoda was originally planned for the tower's location but Emperor QianLong (1711-1799) ordered it to be dismantled during the construction of the eighth level. The Tower of Buddhist Fragrance (or Incense) replaced it in 1758.


From the top you can look back down at the buildings, courtyards and KunMing lake beyond.


Within the complex you can enjoy many beautiful places and views.


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