Forbidden City
Imperial Gardens (2)

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Imperial Garden, part 2
御花园 (2)

Two gilded unicorns, supposed to protect the hall from evil spirits, guard the entrance.


One of the two gilded unicorns guarding the entrance to the Hall of Imperial Peace.

Inside the hall, ZhenWuDaDi, the God of Water in Taoism, was worshiped, because he was supposed to protect the Forbidden City from fire.


In each of the four corners of the garden there is a pavilion, symbolizing the four seasons. The Pavilion of Myriad Springs is the most famous and lies in the south east corner of the garden. It was built in 1535 and restored during the Qing dynasty.


Accummlated Beauty Hill (Dui Xiu Shan) is a little artificial mountain with a cave, which is piled up with delicate rocks and stones from Taihu Lake. It is located to the northeast of the garden. Fountains play around it and the Pavilion of Imperial View is on the top of the hill. The Qing Emperors would climb up to the Pavilion on the Double Yang Festival to enjoy the scenery with the royal family.


Special shaped rocks help decorate the garden.


There are many old trees within the garden.


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Forbidden City

Forbidden City
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The Meridian Gate (outside)
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The Imperial Garden (part 2)

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