Forbidden City
Meridian Gate (outside)

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Meridian Gate (outside)

The best way to see the Forbidden City is by arriving at the southern Meridian Gate (WuMen), the 'front door'.

This can be reached from the TianAnMen Gate - pass through the archway beneath Mao's portrait and the Meridian Gate will be in front of you as you head north; walk along the tree-lined path through DuanMen gate and on to the ticket office.


The Meridian Gate.

A view of the Meridian Gate from the balcony of DuanMen.

The central pavilion close-up.

Side view of one of the two 'arms' of the Meridian Gate,
showing one of the five pavilions on top.

Because chinese emperors believed that they were sons of Heaven and live in the center of the universe, they believed that the meridian line went through the Forbidden City; hence the gate was so named.


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Forbidden City

Forbidden City
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The Meridian Gate (outside)
The Meridian Gate (inside)
The First Courtyard
The Gate of Supreme Harmony

The Second Courtyard
The Hall of Supreme Harmony (part 1)
The Hall of Supreme Harmony (part 2)
The Hall of Complete Harmony
The Hall of Preserving Harmony

The Large Stone Carving

The Gate of Celestial Purity
The Hall of Celestial Purity
The Hall of Celestial and Terrestrial Union
The Hall of Terrestrial Tranquility
The Imperial Garden
The Imperial Garden (part 2)

The Exhibition Halls
The 9 Dragon Screen
Other Places of Interest

Doorways (part 2)
Decorative Tiles
Beams and Ceilings
Windows and Doors
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Sunset at the Forbidden City

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