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Even more songs from the Voice of China

Starting with 'Listen', 'Feeling Good', 'At Last' and 'Something's got a hold on me'. Plus 'Price tag', 'Time to say goodbye', '(Does that make me) Crazy', 'She's gone' and 'What a wonderful world', plus some classic Chinese songs.

Not to be missed ...

"It wasn't because I didn't know that much ...

It was just I knew TOO much ...

Does that make me crazy ... ??"

[video v=2u5b2NqLih0]
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Solos from the Voice of China

A selection of songs in English.

Seven great performances !

[video v=3kMfrtP7tQQ][video v=-E6XigEDLd4]


The Voice of China – a few excerpts

'Feeling Good' (Nina Simone), 'I feel good' (James Brown) and 'What a wonderful world' (Louis Armstrong) ...

[video v=9Khxf2XE_nU]
[video v=hvRw7Vnt0Z8]
[video v=pElMMPHPk5M]

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