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大魚海棠 大鱼海棠 Big Fish & Begonia 高清国语中字

A wonderful animation movie (with English subtitles).

Also (first) known as Da Hai - Big Sea.

A story of life, death and love.

Animation by b & t, BeiJing.

Builds and builds - an awesome movie. Don't miss it ... !

ps: The last part of the puzzle comes after the initial end credits.

[video v=GdOPTtZXs4I]

WuShu (movie, 2009)

Executive Producer: Jackie Chan. Some excerpts ...

[video v=kElA7iISryI]

The Road Home : an excerpt from the movie

Directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Zhang Ziyi.

Winner of the Audience Award World Cinema Sundance Film Festival 2001 and the Grand Prix Silver Bear Berlin Film Festival 2000.

Music: orchestra plus Chinese bamboo flute.

[video v=-1ru6xV7SOM]
[video v=Wk7AOXAV8e0 c=2]

‘Shanghai Kiss’ : movie trailer

Released in October 2007.

[video v=7fFS6u5Om3s]

AfterShock – movie trailer

Aftershock was released in over 5,000 conventional and 14 IMAX theaters throughout China in late July 2010.

The film follows a family torn apart by the 1976 TangShan earthquake that killed about a quarter of a million people, and decades later in the 2008 SiChuan earthquake that left around 85,000 dead.

Directed by Feng XiaoGang.

[video v=Bl31p34laTQ]

The Road Home (movie extract) - video

The Road Home is a 1999 film directed by Zhang Yimou. The Road Home was written by author Bao Shi, who adapted the screenplay from his novel, Remembrance. The film marked the cinematic debut of actress Zhang ZiYi. Also starred Sun HongLei. Winner:Grand Prix Silver Bear Berlin Film Festival 2000. Winner:Audience Award World Cinema Sundance Film Festival 2001.

The Secret : movie trailer - video

Released in 2007. A very good film. Starring Jay Chou and Kwai Lun-Mei.

Karate Kid : new movie trailer - video

In cinemas this summer.

Karate Kid : movie trailer - video

With Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. In cinemas this summer (2010).

'Confucius' : movie trailer - video

The film Confucius has begun showing in Beijing. Directed by Hu Mei, it stars veteran actor Chow Yun-Fat as the great philosopher and award-winning actress Zhou Xun. The film marks the Chinese sage's 2,560th anniversary and will play at 2,500 cinemas throughout China.

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