Videos about LuoPing, China

Aerial views of LuoPing 罗平, YunNan and XingYi 兴义, GuiZhou

Best month to see the yellow canola fields is March.

[video v=zjmEBsHGp90]

The beautiful DuoYiHe River 多疑和河, LuoPing, YunNan province

Filmed in March 2011 ...

[video v=M2aFvHTuUmo]

The JiuLong 九龙 Waterfalls Scenic Area, YunNan 云南 province

The Nine Dragon Waterfalls, LuoPing County, YunNan province.

The succession of water falls, some gentle and some powerful, are set in a landscape of patchwork fields and mountains. The grandest has a water drop of 56 meters and is 110 meters wide.

[video v=1rQw0ip6aTg] [video v=mOU-BrQ4xjo start=7] [video v=YbbZ5iVanhw] [video v=SVKhTPRUIeM] [video v=E1r-2AR_azA] [video v=z2C_CNZIl1I]

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