Videos about Humble Administrator’s Garden, China

The beautiful Humble Administrator’s Garden 拙政园

An exemplary example of classical Chinese garden arts that aspires to the harmony of people and nature. ZhuoZheng Yuan, SuZhou, JiangSu province.

At 52,000 square meters, it is the largest garden in SuZhou.

A beautiful short documentary ...

[video v=RvQBQ5TAXxA]

The gardens of SuZhou 苏州, JiangSu province

Excellent examples of Chinese garden arts.

The first three films are of the famous Humble Administrator's Garden and the fourth shows the

Surging Wave Pavilion.

[video v=HH8GDa1HoCg]
[video v=3SmnMpDZIQI]
[video v=vYnZTOb8kMs]
[video v=2U3vFtA9OMY start=26]

The classical gardens of SuZhou 苏州

JiangSu province.

An introduction to the art of Chinese gardens.

[video v=_MPNKaZrA1I start=10] [video v=GJejgOpckic]

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