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Surprise concerts in BeiJing 北京 and Hong Kong 香港 :) (:

Season's Greetings to all our visitors, from BeijingBuzzz, 2017 :)

Love music? Don't miss this great film (turn up the volume; high quality audio) ...

[video v=f9QnSbT7E5I start=9]

一群喜好音樂的志願者在北京國貿的美食街快閃表演了美麗動人的歌曲,包括 "月亮代表我的心", "彎彎的月亮", "甜蜜蜜", "讓我們蕩起雙槳", "茉莉花", "站在高崗上" 以及 "高山青"。我們帶給了現場群眾意外的驚喜,也希望可以跟全世界的朋友分享這份喜悅。

A heart-warming surprise performance of popular traditional Chinese songs at the food court of the China World Trade Center, GuoMao, central-east Beijing. By the China World Trade Center Chorus, and many passers by.

The 7 songs : "The Moon Represents My Heart" (Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin), "The Crescent Moon" (Wan Wan De Yue Liang), "Oh, How Sweet" (Tian Mi Mi), "Let's Row the Paddles" (Rang Wo Men Dang Qi Shuang Jiang), "Jasmine Flower" (Mo Li Hua), "Standing on the Hilltop" (Zhan Zai Gao Gang Shang), "The Mountain is Green" (Gao Shan Qing).

This follows a similar event at Taipei 101 in Taiwan, back in the summer.

Bravo to everyone involved !

"Strangers become friends" - we need more of this ...

Plus, a surprise seasonal concert by Cathay Pacific ...

[video v=A29acor9_AY]

The awesome ZhongShan 中山 University graduation flash-mob

2016 年中山大学毕业季快闪

Sun Yat-Sen University, also known as ZhongShan University, is a public university in GuangDong, south east China. It was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a revolutionary and the founding father of the Republic of China.

Don't miss this; the song at 6:00 will melt any frozen heart ...

[video v=Ut-RCsqsx9Y]

Malaysian student's 1 month cultural exchange stay ...

[video v=aG-Zoz0L7Wc start=20] [video v=DE6k46ks3jU]

Life at SYSU ...

[video v=BbtFJiKSVUs]

Musical fun in FuJian 福建 province …

[video v=HcCOLLPdvr0] [video v=9cpkDp8EwdY]

Nine million light years from the edge …

BeijingBuzzz is eight and a half today - so besides some ice-cream, balloons and jelly, a trip down memory lane ...

We are removing some older videos that just don't have the video quality we expect today (things have come a long way in those 9 1/2 years) but here's a couple from the archive (2008 / 2009) and that long ago day when it all began.

Fuzzy, as memories become, but good memories ...

[video v=DlNYfAxEWKs]
[video v=Wer5dWRcSSY]

City center flash concert of Chinese music – Toronto

A great video from Canada ...

[video v=0b0_Bvms6A4]

Surprise concert at Hong Kong 香港 International Airport :)

A festive flash mob, December 2013. 300 flight attendants, airport staff and even pilots from airline Cathay Pacific stepped forward for this song and dance spectacular ... 國泰航空機場聖誕快閃表演@中國香港國際機場

Summer in the city, ShangHai 上海 - flash mob

Into the way-back machine - two great videos from 2010 - 2012 (not HD, but feel the vibe) ... ShangHai and FuZhou (capital of FuJian province) ... Bad Romance, Jai Ho, Rolling on the River, and more ...

Dance fun in ShangHai 上海 - video

WuJiang Road, central ShangHai on June 5, 2010.

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