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Hong Kong`s 香港 green islands – documentary

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Dancing on a Dream – documentary

The story of an American girl with a dream to master Chinese dance through to graduation at Beijing Normal University's dance school ...

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Breakfast in NanJing 南京 …

A fascinating look at the wide variety of breakfast foods on offer ...

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China in the world – past, present and future

A talk by Dr. Martin Jacques in Singapore ...

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Tibet, China – freedom from serfdom – documentary

[video v=UUcoZPOK1Y0]
[video v=6GdKk4nUfYs c=2]

With CCTV English.


A Miao herbal medicine man in GuiZhou 贵州 - documentary

My life in China 中国

Creative, talented and visionary expats in China. A special documentary series with CCTV English. Inspiring stories of overseas people making their life in China ... * Preserving the Chinese language * 'Gemini' - French / Chinese pop couple * Innovative t-shirt designer * Cross-cultural architect * Martial arts and calligraphy * Wind power engineer * TianJin city guide magazine publisher and the 'Beijing Beatles' * Engineering manager * The 'Sound Guy' * Restaurant management * Creative art installations * Children's photographer * English teacher * International chef * 'Tribal Fusion' dance

LeShan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛, Mount Emei 峨眉山 Scenic Area

The LeShan Giant Buddha 乐山大佛 is located in SiChuan province and is a 233 foot tall stone statue constructed during the Tang Dynasty. Emei Shan (3,100 meters / 10,200 feet) is one of the four Chinese Buddhist sacred mountains. Emei Shan is UNESCO World Heritage Site (together with the Leshan Giant Buddha) : " area of exceptional cultural significance as it is the place where Buddhism first became established on Chinese territory... The first Buddhist temple in China was built on the summit of Mount Emei in the 1st century CE." Documentaries ...

Extraordinary Journeys into Tibet 非凡之旅《进藏》

This outstanding, feature length documentary follows travelers taking six different routes to Tibet - via SiChuan, QingHai, XinJiang, YunNan and the Himalayas. Very beautiful ...

The beautiful Humble Administrator's Garden 拙政园

An exemplary example of classical Chinese garden arts that aspires to the harmony of people and nature. ZhuoZheng Yuan, SuZhou, JiangSu province. At 52,000 square meters, it is the largest garden in SuZhou. A beautiful short documentary ...

The DaMing Palace of the Tang dynasty 唐朝大明宫 - documentary

The DaMing Palace, 'Palace of Great Brilliance', was the imperial palace complex of the Tang dynasty (618 - 907 AD), located in its capital Chang'An. This palace served as the residence of the Tang emperors for more than 220 years. Today, it is designated as a National Heritage Site. The area of the remains is located northeast of Xi'An, ShaanXi province.

Chinese Civilization - documentary

Discover the origins and development of China through 5,000 years of history in this fascinating and informative documentary series from CCTV (in English) ...

Mount HuangShan 黄山 : a documentary

HuangShan (Yellow Mountain) is a group of mountains in AnHui province, east China. Famous for its rugged peaks, unusual rocks and tenacious pine trees, this beautiful landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

YuanMingYuan 圆明园, the original Summer Palace in BeiJing - documentary

A fascinating documentary, in English. Discover how this place embodied the quintessential Chinese garden arts, and how it came to be destroyed ...

The last Kung Fu masters

A short documentary - an extended preview of Chris Crudelli's film on the martial arts in China today.

Skateboarding in ShangHai 上海 - documentary

Photographic posing accents - documentary video

The evolution of the peace sign in east Asia ...

Adoption story

Feature length (one and a half hours) film. Shows lots of places and everyday life in three cities: Beijing, ChongQing and GuangZhou.

The beautiful WuDang Mountains 武当山, home of Taoism

A fascinating documentary by CCTV English ...

Green technology and China's unprecedented urbanisation - video

Documentary by GizMag that looks at the SAIC auto company and its role at the Shanghai Expo. In addition, the film also looks at China's remarkable rise as a manufacturing and technical powerhouse, with its eye firmly on the future. This 20 minute film is highly recommended.

An introduction to 6,000 years of Chinese art

Illustrated by works from China at the Asian Art Museum of San Frascisco, one of the largest collections of Chinese art outside China.

The great voyages of Zheng He - video

Zheng He's voyages began in 1405 with enormous and technologically advanced ships, almost 100 years before the European explorers set sail ...

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